Diversity Food Services

Diversity Food Services is a joint venture of SEED Winnipeg Inc. and the University of Winnipeg’s Community Renewal Corporation (UWCRC). Their mission is to provide food services that demonstrate the desire to meet the goals of sustainability within a work environment that reflects a high level of training for a diverse group of employees.

Diversity’s foremost priority is to provide excellent food services to the students and staff of the University of Winnipeg and the surrounding community by establishing a successful, dynamic social enterprise.

Goals & Objectives:

  • Offer wholesome, fairly priced, ethnically diverse food options
  • Create an attractive and diverse menu
  • Provide excellent customer service that enhances the rapport with students through responsiveness to needs and requests
  • Establish high quality jobs for target food service employees, including good wages and benefits, career advancement opportunities, access to training and capacity building, participation in decision-making and opportunities for ownership
  • Provide a catering service that supports skill development of the catering staff and meets the needs of the University community

Kitchen Statement of Values:

  • Diversity encourages openness and creativity; the sharing of thoughts, ideas and new concepts
  • Menus are produced with sustainable, local and organic products whenever possible using healthy cooking methods
  • Diversity’s goal is to educate staff, customers and vendors about the food experience and the effect it has on the global community
  • Commitment to continually evolve its business model to improve service, quality and efficiencies

One of Diversity’s specific social objectives is to provide job and ownership opportunities in the food industry for new Canadians, Aboriginal people, community residents and those who are “hard-to-employ”. Training and development is accessible to all employees in a cost-effective, equitable, and timely fashion. Staff development is critical, and the focus on training contributes to providing a work environment that affirms and supports the development of all employees.

Diversity Catering

From meetings to banquets, Diversity professionally handles your catering requests and provides you with excellent service, a flexible menu and superior product. Whether your request is for coffee and muffins or a formal full-service dinner, Diversity has the experience to make your event memorable.

Don’t hesitate to request input from the Executive Chef who would be pleased to provide you with suggestions for vegetarian or vegan options, organic entrees or a seasonal item not listed on Diversity’s standard catering menu.

Diversity is proud to offer catering services to events that are held off campus and can accommodate catering requests from the broader community. Please consult our online menu at www.diversitycatering.ca.


Diversity Food Services Inc.
Manager of Food Operations
Kirsten Godbout
Phone: (204) 789.1450
email: k.godbout@uwinnipeg.ca

Diversity Catering
Nora Haines-Klassen
Phone: (204) 786.9070
Cell: (204) 229.5236